Eat Weekly is a food blog eating its way around my kitchen, Cardiff, South Wales and beyond. Recipes and restaurant reviews. Generally promising a post a week, but life means it sometimes slips…

And me? A PR girl working and living in the city who’s watched Cardiff’s food scene thrive over the past four years. I’m fond of cooking and of other people’s cooking, so that’s what this blog is about.

I am partial to a bit of fluff and fancy, but I can be equally satisfied by a post-beer kebab. I sit in the “fat equals flavour” camp, but if it’s super healthy and tastes great too, then that’s a bonus!

I figure people want to know about where is good to eat and what is good to eat, so Eat Weekly is based around sharing my good food times, rather than the bad. If I have a bad experience? I generally won’t write about it. That said, not all reviews can be 100% positive and I’m honest if I have to be.

Happy eating.

sheri hall

Me at The Ledbury in Notting Hill


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