Moose Maple Butter – review


Moose Maple Butter

I’ve found my new favourite thing for breakfast: Moose Maple Butter hunked over hot crumpets.

When a tub of it plopped through my letterbox I gave a little shriek. I knew it was being posted and I’d been excitedly waiting to try it. I adore butter. Butter makes life bearable. And anything cooked in butter just tastes better.

Moose Maple Butter is exactly what it says on the tub – fresh butter, blended with Canadian maple syrup and a dash of sea salt. Nothing more, nothing less. Why has no one ever thought of it before??

The smooth texture makes it easy to spread, even though ‘room temperature’ is slightly colder at this time of year, so you’re never battling to slice your knife into it. And the taste… oh my god the taste! All of that creamy buttery goodness, a hint of sweetness from the maple – just a hint – which is emphasised by the salt. It’s perfect for people like me who don’t have a particularly sharpened sweet tooth, but it’s just enough.

Tip: be liberal with it. This isn’t the type of butter you spread in preparation for your confiture – it’s the main event.

Unfortunately, Moose is only stocked at a handful of places across the UK – for now. If you live in Cardiff the closest stockist is in Somerset. However, I have found it for sale on the Taste of Wales website. Hopefully the good press it’s getting (Nigella approves) means it will be more widely available very soon.


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