Jalan Malaysia, Cardiff – review

Jalan Malaysia is a clever little independent operation in the heart of Cardiff’s studentville, Cathays.

The venue is bright and fun branding inside and on the menu makes it inviting to students and those who are a little less adventurous with their food. They know what they’re doing, and they do it well.

The menu is fairly limited, but the food itself is authentic, simple and delicious. Few options likely keeps their costs to a minimum, meaning customers benefit from great value, too.

My fiance and I – god that sounds weird – were very kindly gifted a Group On meal for two at Jalan Malaysia and it didn’t disappoint. To start I had crispy dumplings. My favourite!

jalan_malaysia (1)

Chicken and vegetable dumplings

Then I opted for the turmeric fried chicken which was drenched in a flavourful ‘mild’ curry sauce. Now a word of warning, all dishes come with a little chilli marked next to them. This is for good reason, as even my mild dish packed some kick. Luckily I’m a glutton for spice.


Nasi Lemak – Turmeric fried chicken

The chicken was served with half a boiled egg, a mound of rice, crunchy fried anchovies, roasted peanuts and sweet chilli sambal. A combination I would never have put together, but the mixture of textures, sweet and salt added that extra something to the dish. Apparently, these accompaniments are commonly served as part of Nasi Lemak – a Malaysian dish often served for breakfast.

If you’re looking to expand your culinary horizons to Indonesia, but on a modest budget and in the comfort and proximity of the Welsh capital, Jalan Malaysia is your place.

What I had


  • Chicken and vegetable dumplings – £3.50
  • Turmeric fried chicken – £8.95

Cheapest main

  • Tofu rendang – £8.50

Most expensive main

  • Lamb shank – £16.95

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