Slice, Swansea – review

For years I’ve heard of this mythical restaurant called Slice which was supposed to be one of the few places in Swansea that did excellent food . But I’d never driven past it, so it wasn’t until my best friend booked us in as a table of four that I actually had the chance to acknowledge it’s existence. And, I’m not ashamed to say, I’ve been missing out.

The restaurant is tiny, perhaps 16 covers tops. Which might explain why it was a four month wait to squeeze in our booking (be warned). But there’s something comforting about your food being cooked by one chef/kitchen staff for every five people.

We went for the tasting menu because..  well with a four month waiting list, why wouldn’t you? To whet our appetite we sampled some delicious warm bread with a salty crust (my fave). And an amuse bouche which I can’t for the life of me remember what it was – some sort of orange foam which melted in your mouth. Was fine by me.


Jellied duck terrine, liver parfait, candied hazelnuts and pomegranate brioche

Then onto gorgeously presented duck terrine and liver parfait served and candied hazelnuts with pomegranate brioche. If I had to choose one dish that I would take to a desert island it would be this, as it features almost all of my favourite things to eat.


Mackerel, cucumber, gooseberry and yoghurt jelly

Then followed two fish courses. The first was mackerel with gooseberry and yoghurt jelly – I left the cucumber. A delicate mess on the plate, and the cold/warm make up of the dish was the perfect way to ease onto the pan fried sea bass with poached lobster. Everything about this dish, from the crispy underbelly skin to the moreish jus and baby fennel, was scrummy. A superbly executed fish dish.


Pan fried sea bass and poached lobster with courgette spaghetti and baby fennel

Next onto the melt-in-your mouth Galician beef fillet. I’ve read up a little on Galician beef. It’s the equivalent of cow-mutton with the cattle slaughtered between eight and 18 years old, as opposed to before they’re three as with most breeds. So the flavour packs a punch that only an old cow can dish out, and it was happy enough to give me a good old whack this evening.


Galician beef fillet, tarragon jacket potato, girolle mushrooms and broad beans

Finally onto dessert, which came two-fold. Firstly the just-perfect caramelised banana cheesecake, with bitter chocolate mousse and salted popcorn ice cream. It doesn’t even need explaining, just look.


Caramelised banana cheesecake, bitter chocolate mousse and salted popcorn ice cream

To end our little taster evening at Slice we had Eton mess with a difference. Chef Adam Bannister appeared on Great British Menu the year before and this was his submission. The challenge was to create a menu “fitting legacy to the modern Elizabethan age; food that represents the complete transformation in British cuisine during the Queen’s reign”. While this course was probably the least inspiring flavour-wise (I mean, how inspiring can Eton mess really be, anyway?), top marks for creativity.

Slice is certainly a little… slice of Swansea food heaven.

What I had

Six course evening tasting menu – £55

Jellied duck terrine, liver parfait, candied hazelnuts, pomegranate brioche

Mackerel, cucumber, gooseberry, yoghurt jelly

Pan fried sea bass, poached lobster, courgette spaghetti, baby fennel

Galician beef fillet, tarragon jacket potato, girolle muschrooms, broad beans

Caramelised banana cheesecake, bitter chocolate mousse, salted popcorn ice cream

Eton mess – Great British Menu, 2016

Cheapest option

Lunchtime, two courses – £29

Most expensive option

Six course dinner tasting menu – £55

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