Got Beef, Canton – review


Croque Monsieur at Got Beef

PLEASE NOTE THIS RESTAURANT HAS NOW CLOSED – unfortunately, the Canton edition of Got Beef was short lived, but you can still enjoy their burgers at their original home on Whitchurch Road.

A few months ago Got Beef, Cardiff’s much-loved pop-up turned permanent burger restaurant, opened a second home in Canton.

Despite being around since 2013 my first experience of Got Beef was its Soprano burger at Street Food Circus last year, and it made an impression on my taste buds. So when I spotted the sign above the door of its new Cowbridge Road East establishment I made a mental note that I must wander down for a cheeky bap.

got_beef (1)

Tearing into a Croque Monsieur at Got Beef

Decent enough Welsh Black burgers, but for me Got Beef is all about the creative toppings. This time I went Croque Monsieur – beefy with a bit of French sophistication. A succulent 6oz patty nestled among shredded lettuce, gouda cheese and straddled by a grilled bun smothered with cheesy bechamel. Surely, just the way the French would do burgers, if they did them.


But too much refinement and it wouldn’t be Got Beef. A side of dirty sweet potato fries swimming in chipotle, cheese and bacon bits saw to that.

got_beef (2)

Dirty sweet potato fries at Got Beef

It’s reassuring to see yet another former pop-up making Canton its home. Not so reassuring for my dress size.

What I had

Croque Monsieur – 6oz patty, smoked streaky bacon, gouda cheese and grilled bechamel bun – £7.95

Cheapest main

Jack and the beanstalk – pulled BBQ jackfruit, broad bean hummus, gluten free bun – £6.95

Most expensive main

Animal style – 2 x 6oz patties, 2 x American cheese, diced white onion, secret sauce, topped with a handful of fries – £9.95

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