Blue Honey Night Cafe, Cardiff – review


Korean fried chicken, waffles, Asian coleslaw, pickled daikon, siracha mayonnaise

Blue Honey Night Cafe has been making an impression on the Cardiff grape vine, so we decided to check it out.

From the outside you wouldn’t think that there was anything new about the Quay Street venue (opposite The City Arms and Assador 44). Sully’s signage is still above the door and by day it’s still a breakfast-diner. But from 5pm onwards it takes on a groovier vibe, made obvious by belting karaoke tunes on a Wednesday night and punters from its popular weekend gigs pouring out onto the street.

Inside the venue is split into two halves, reflecting its day-night operation. On one side you have Sully’s diner with red greasy spoon-style booths and a glass fronted display fridge. The other side has an understated bar of the same size with white metro-tiled walls and old wooden pub furniture – and a DJ booth. On chatting to one of the staff it seems that the Sully’s proprietor agreed to ‘pimp out’  (my words not his) the venue in the evenings to the Blue Honey team (who also run the Blue Honey vintage clothing store in High Street Arcade). Genius way to give the property a dual purpose.

The menu is fairly limited, but in a good way. A choice of baskets or biryani bowls – and a whole host of funky sides. I went for the Korean fried chicken basket as I’d never had KFC before.  The chicken was wedged between two waffles cushioned by Asian coleslaw, pickled daikon and siracha mayonnaise. Sweet, salty and lightly spiced it was bloody divine. And the general consensus among the group is that we could have all eaten another two. The real telling point is that we were all craving it again the next day.

Only visit if you’re prepared for sleepless nights dreaming of Korean fried chicken or if you’re a boogey-loving hipster.

My eat of the week

Korean fried chicken, two waffles, Asian coleslaw, pickled daikon and siracha mayonnaise with fries – £8.50

Cheapest main

Aubergine, chickpea, coriander, pine nuts, yoghurt and pomegranate biryani bowl – £6

Most expensive main

Picanha steak, chimmichurri, pink pickled onions, sundried tomatoes, broccoli with fried £9.50

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