The Hashery, Cardiff – review



Burgers, cocktails and great mussels, and I’m not talking about the staff.

The Hashery – a newbie to the Cardiff food scene – is launching its summer menu next week, and I was asked for a boozy bank holiday sampling sesh. Risky when you have work in the morning.

As a PR by day, what I really loved was that the brand has a cheeky personality, which is weaved into the restaurant’s concept and even makes its way into the food. And it reflects the ethos and personalities of the staff, but not in a manufactured ‘look at how fun we are way’. It’s like four blokes came together and said ‘hmm, what are our favourite foods, let’s put those on the menu’ or ‘would our favourite bar have two-for-one cocktails all day every day? Hell yes it would!’


The Hot Mess cubano

I loved the way the staff lolled when presenting some of the dishes. Such as, new for the summer, the ‘The Hot Mess’ (cubano with hot chillies, ‘bollo’ sauce, triple cheese and sour cream – this one is bound to get on your face). And ‘the tart to finish you off’ (tiramisu. I’m not usually a fan of a tickle my Sue, but this one was creamy, boozy and banging). Plus some new flavours for their freshly delivered mussels, including The Orchard (dry cider, apple and sage).


Favourite new dips were the baconnaise (mayonnaise with bits of bacon in it, obvs) and Stilton peppercorn sauce. But the absolute smack-my-bum-and-call-me-Desmond dish was the epic mozarella sticks. I believe I’m one of those people who has helped to put mozarella sticks firmly on the menus of fast food chains by buying them every time I visit a Maccy Ds or BK. But these mozzy sticks were special, and not just because they’re huge. The guys use the crispy dregs from their nachos in the batter which gives them a zingy favour and, of course, helps to reduce waste.


Epic mozarella sticks

On to the cocktails and it’s a really decent show and an absolute steal at £6.95 and two for the price of one. Big fan of their skull-filled Royal Krakito topped with Corona. And the Electric Tea (rum, vodka, triple sec, tequila, gin and blue curacao) is all in the name of charity, with 50p of every cocktail sold going towards the Wallich, in aid of Wales’ homelessness.


Royal Krakito

It’s not only the drinks that are a bargain. With almost every main on the menu falling under £10 it’s one of the few city centre joints you could afford to dine at before pay day.

So there’s loads of reasons to get your cute bums down there after the 24th April. Just hope they shout 701 when you walk through the door…

  • Mozarella sticks – £4.95
  • The Hot Mess (cubano) – £9.95
  • The Orchard (mussels) – £9.95
  • Tiramisu – £4.95

Cheapest main

  • Hashery cubano – £7.50

Most expensive main

  • Dead Man’s (burger) – £11.95

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