Society Standard, Cardiff – review

I fancied Society Standard ever since spotting images of filament lightbulbs and exposed brick interior popping up on my Twitter feed. But being all the way over on the other side of Cardiff (from Canton) it meant taking the car and we just hadn’t got around to it, until this week we did.
Is it uncool to say the vibe is cool? Independent, urban, open kitchen, nice place for a date night (which ours was) or for going for some drinks and food with friends. Although not explicit, the food has an around-the-world theme, with a slight lean towards American with its burgers, steaks and sides of mac’n’cheese. Trendily, they have some vegan options pointed out on the menu too, including a vegan breakfast.

But like hell was I going vegan with a meal-sized dirrrty mac’n’cheese on the menu. Three cheeses, BBQ pulled pork, caramelised onions and breadcrumbs on the top. Stupidly rich and packed full of flavour; I was in heaven with a hangover. And big thumbs up for actually using macaroni rather than any old pasta to hand. He had mussels with fries, which I’m told were also banging.

Best mac’n’cheese in Cardiff? Hell yes, until someone proves otherwise. Definitely worth the (short) drive to the other side of the Gabalfa interchange.

My eat of the week

Truffled mac’n’cheese: Three cheese macaroni with truffle oil, mushrooms and caramelised onions, topped with thyme breadcrumbs – £8.95

Make it dirrty: Add BBQ pulled pork – £2

Cheapest main

Veggie tartine: Grilled sourdough topped with whipped goats cheese, baby beetroot, tomato chutney, watercress and maple-glazed walnuts – £6.45

Most expensive main

8oz rib eye – £18.95

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