A Welsh girl ranked the burgers she tried in Cardiff

WalesOnline invited an American to rank the burgers he tried in Cardiff, and (at risk of naively saying that being an American = top burger ranking credentials) his article taught me a lot about how a burger should be.

The main thing that rings true for me is that Cardiff is letting us down on our beef burgers. There’s just something about a beef patty that restaurants just can’t quite grasp – in many cases the beef burgers are overdone and there are few restaurants offering a choice as to how your burger is cooked. Having not tried the beef burgers at Time & Beef and The Conway, I have to agree with his top two ranking of Got Beef and Five Guys – but I’d put Got Beef first.

A beef burger bug-bear of mine is that a lot of restaurants try to produce perfectly structured creations, defined layering, where no ingredient quite merges into the other. In my mind, that’s not how a burger should be, and it’s not how Got Beef or Five Guys do their burgers.

However, Cardiff does veggie burgers particularly well and I feel like Forrest Hanson (great name btw), has missed out on some truly stonkin’ bun fillers.

Locke & Remedy‘s Mushroom & Sticky Red Onion burger is absolutely bloody fantastic – the portobello mushroom is encased in crispy bread crumbs and the tarragon mayonnaise, just makes it so wonderfully fragrant and moreish. Barley and Rye‘s crispy halloumi burger is also worth writing home (or a blog post) about and Forrest might have had a better experience at Urban Taphouse if he’d opted for the spicy bean burger, which is another favourite of mine.

So here it is – albeit not an extensive or exhaustive list – but here is how a Welsh girl ranks all of the burgers I’ve tried in Cardiff:

  1. Lock & Remedy’s Mushroom & Sticky Red Onion: 9/10
  2. Got Beef’s Soprano: 8.5/10
  3. Five Guys’ double-patty, with cheese and mushrooms: 8/10
  4. Barley & Rye’s halloumi burger: 8/10
  5. Urban Taphouse’s spiced bean burger: 7/10
  6. Shake Shack‘s Stack Shack burger: 7/10


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