Bubble&, Abergavenny Food Festival – review

You know when you get really excited about food? And when you think you might have just eaten the best thing you’ve eaten all year? That’s how I feel about Bubble&.

Abergavenny Food Festival was lush, as always, but when you make a habit of frequenting local food events you do tend to see the same (albeit top notch) exhibitors time and time again, and you find yourself hoping you’ll get to try something different and outstanding.

We had a busy day of tasting and buying bites to share between our group of four, but it wasn’t until we had a shot – yes, a shot – of Bubble&’s bubble and squeak that I decided I didn’t want to share anymore.

Bubble and squeak on Boxing Day is my favourite part of having a Christmas dinner, but I’ve never had any inclination to szhoosh it up until now – just a blob of brown sauce does me fine. Now there are three things I will never let my bubble and squeak be without – soft boiled egg, hollandaise sauce, cashew nuts and goats cheese. Bloody incredible.

If you ever manage to catch Bubble& out and about, I suggest you don’t offer to share.

Eat of the week

  • Goats cheese bubble & squeak – bubble and squeak, soft poached egg, goats cheese, hollandaise, cajun carrot chutney, wild garlic pesto, toasted cashews – £7

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