Arbennig, Cardiff – review

Only in ‘Pontcannton’ will you find such an incredible mix of eateries. Kebab shops, artisan bakeries, and a la carte gems like Arbennig. I’d not really heard anyone recommend it to me before, but I had walked past and scanned the menu online a couple of times and I really fancied it.

It was a good choice for a celebratory meal. The venue is light and airy and somehow has a lovely sense of occasion about it. Evening lighting and a cracking playlist (Otis, Frank, Ray) makes it feel cosy at the same time.

To start, I was in the mood for focaccia and dipping oils. The crust was wonderfully crunchy and oily – just like the way I do my own!

The duck was a summer dish to die for. Crispy seasoned skin, sweet pink meat (and plenty of it) enriched by the sweetness of the peaches and creamy goats cheese.

Dessert was an easy choice for me, partly because of the salted caramel ice cream and partly because it reminded me of my favourite skit from Sesame Street’s Swedish Chef.

There are very few restaurants in Cardiff doing a good job of straightforward, classic food, minus any of the ‘with a twists’ and trendy fads. The Arbennig proves there’s nothing wrong with ‘we do seasonal restaurant food really well’ as a USP. The proof? It’s position as highest rated Cardiff restaurant in the Good Food Guide 2015, 2016, 2017.

My eat of the week

  • Focaccia, Blodyn Aur oil, balsamic vinegar – £2.95
  • Merrifield Farm duck, roast white peach, goat cheese, pistachio, mint – £21.95
  • Butter mash – £2.50
  • Chocolate mousse, salted caramel ice cream – £6.95

Cheapest main

  • Fish and chips, plaice fillet, Crafty Devil batter, tartare sauce, lemon – £13.95

Most expensive main

  • Merrifield Farm duck, roast white peach, goat cheese, pistachio, mint – £21.95

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