Ultimate Valentine’s three course with seafood platter, venison steak and pear and chocolate pud – recipe

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just another opportunity for retailers and restaurants to get us to spend, spend, spend. But so is Christmas, and no one moans about that! In our house we treat February 14th as an excuse to splash out on food – as if we need an excuse.

If any of you have read my post about last year’s Valentine’s Day, you’ll understand all of the reasons why this is an epic achievement for my other half. Two years ago he couldn’t boil an egg (and still gets that wrong from time to time).

I picked out some recipes that I fancied to create the ultimate Valentine’s menu and he did the rest – girls, you should try it sometime.

To start a tingly lobster harissa bisque and the fishmonger persuaded him he needed some scallops and lobster to go with it. The scallop was a fleshy bit of heaven with a zingy topping of lime zest, lemon juice, garlic and breadcrumbs as recommended by E. Ashton fishmongers in Cardiff Market – one of those flavour/texture combos you won’t forget in a hurry.

On to a beautifully tender junk of venison for main with scrummy potato pancakes and sickly sweet red cabbage with juniper berries, a bit too sweet. Note the cute attempt at a flying tadpole (aww).

Finally a decadent, rich and gooey (my three favourite things) chocolate pud with sweet pears and almonds.

So this menu probably cost the same as it would to dine out at a half decent restaurant, but at least we (or I) had exactly what we wanted and no one can say the thought wasn’t there.

Do I have the best boyfriend in the world? Probably. Can he cook? Most definitely.

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