The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny – review

We’ve had a mild autumn so far, but on this particular evening you could see your breath in the air and see the faint glisten of snow in the moonlight on the mountains surrounding Abergavenny *sigh*. To be able to spend the evening in a warm, luxury, country hotel was delicious. And the food wasn’t bad either.

We had the Autumn Romance package, so when we arrived at our room we were met with a lovely surprise – a fresh bunch of winter flowers, champagne on ice and a Welsh slate platter of artisan chocolates, which we saved until after our meal.

To the tune of a live pianist, we sat down to dinner in the Oak Room, which was included in the package. We were served an apertif platter of to-die-for crumbly cheese sables, as well as salty goats cheese tart and olives, and a whole basket of bread, which was re-filled throughout the evening.

Then, to start, rich and crispy lamb sweetbreads and scrumpets in breadcrumbs with a tangy egg vinegrette. Reminded me of a great recipe I need to upload soon.

And then came the beef, or should I say half a cow! The short-rib braised beef was served on the bone, about the size of my forearm. The meat just fell off the bone (it could have easily been served with a spoon) and made me think ‘this is why I believe in fat equals flavour!’ It was pretty huge though, so I couldn’t finish it all.

Baked pumpkin cheesecake with spiced granola rounded off the autumnal menu. The earthy flavour was a little bit unusual for a traditionally sweet dessert, but it was nice to try something new!

To end the evening we retired to the bar, sat in front of the log fire and drank until the wee hours. Our meal and stay at The Angel Hotel was the epitome of what a winter warmer should be!

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