Hilton Cardiff – review

Last Friday it was Hilton Cardiff‘s much awaited annual charity ball, which is always a favourite on our work social calendar. It’s a fairly fabulous affair with sterling entertainment and a great cause at its heart – plus the food is always a crowd pleaser. It’s one of the few venues I have been to that can deliver delicious event food on mass and this charity ball was no exception.

Kicking off with two cocktails – a sizeable Sunday glass of prawn, crab and salmon, crunchy basil and tomato crisps with a shot of warm, spiced bloody mary.

Followed by a trio of lamb. Pink roast lamb loin with a creamy celeriac puree, flavourful hot pot of shepherd’s pie topped with sweet potato mash, plus a seasoned confit lamb croquette. And a lil jug of jus for good measure.

For dessert, the chef couldn’t make up his mind which one he liked more – and neither could I! A gooey hot chocolate fondant with a pippette of sweet chilli sauce for a DIY flavour combo, and a white chocolate cup filled with white chocolate icecream, spun sugar, strawberry pieces and a wafer roll.

For me, no one dish was stand-out – rather it was lots of yummy little dishes to make you go ooo!

Oh, and here’s my little disclaimer – Hilton is a client of my former employer, but I’m not writing this because I have been asked to or because I have been incentivised in anyway. Quite simply it was the best food I ate this week!

My eat of the week

  • Severn & Wye smoked salmon, crab and prawn cocktail, marinated vegetables, smokey tomato and basil crisps, bloody Mary
  • Roast lamb loin and celeriac puree, shepherd’s pie and sweet potato mash, confit lamb croquette, baby leeks
  • Hot chocolate fondant, white chocolate ice cream, sweet chilli sauce

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