Five Guys, Cardiff – review

Five Guys' cheeseburger with mushrooms, ketchup and mustard and cajun fries

Five Guys’ cheeseburger with mushrooms, ketchup and mustard and cajun fries

A word of warning for Five Guys virgins: you have to visit knowing exactly what to expect. That’s where I went wrong on my first trip to the burger joint everyone is raving about. My first thoughts were ‘overpriced’ and ‘is that it?’, and I resigned myself to disagreeing with yet another food fad. I think I was expecting one of those gourmet Grazing Shed-like creations with truffle and foie gras as topping options and, because it wasn’t that, I was disappointed.

I have since returned four or five times and I now appreciate Five Guys for what it truly is. I am a convert. Five Guys is a dirty burger. Filthy, but in the best way. Peer into your brown paper bag and you’ll find fresh-cut fries by the shovel-full, cooked in pure peanut oil – cajun spice is optional. Reach in and peel open the foil-wrapped bundle and you’ll find a fresh bun filled with hand-made patties and all the great classic burger toppings and mustard and ketchup.

Free re-fills of pretty much any fizzy drink and any flavour you can think of (grape Fanta, peach Sprite, vanilla Coke etc.) and enjoy free unshelled peanuts while you wait.

My favourite order is a cheeseburger with mushrooms, mustard and ketchup and cajun fries. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s the most stonking burger you’ll ever taste.

My eat of the week

  • Cheeseburger (as many toppings as you like) – £8
  • Little cajun fries – £2.75
  • Regular drink – £2.50

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