Duck Egg Bleu, Canton – review


Although I’ve worked in Cardiff for the past two years, I am a newbie resident, so it’s only now that my eyes are being opened to all of the wonderful restaurant gems outside of the city centre. And boy have I moved to the right place! Canton really is a fab place for food – the list of places I want to try is as long as my arm.

On this occasion my excuse to eat out was a visit from mum and grandma and after a menu pre-screening I thought Duck Egg Bleu (aka The Lazy Duck) was a suitable option.

It might have been dark enough inside for a sexy first date, but what I loved was that the food had its own flare – delicious classics with a Duck Egg Bleu stamp on them.

I came away with a new found love for their tangy, lemony baba ganoush, buttery colcannon and Guinness ice cream.

My eat of the week

  • Baba ganoush with chargrilled bread – £3.95 (N.B. There was more bread to start with before I took the photo! Couldn’t wait.)
  • Pan fried rump of lamb with colcannon, braised summer vegetables and honey jus – £13.95
  • Salted caramel chocolate torte with frozen yoghurt sorbet – £5.95
  • Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce, Guinness icecream – £5.95

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