Caramelised peaches with amaretto caramel, walnuts and creme fraiche – recipe

Caramelised peaches, amaretto caramel, walnuts and creme fraiche

Caramelised peaches, amaretto caramel, walnuts and creme fraiche

I simply love the idea of caramelised peaches with sour creme fraiche. It’s indulgent, but sounds sophisticated, so it makes it okay. I decided to have a play around with the bits and bobs I had in my cupboard and concocted this kick-ass dessert. When I read back the recipe each ingredient makes me go ‘oooo’ – a definite dinner party pleaser.

My eat of the week


  • 2 x peaches
  • Brown sugar
  • 4 x tbsps white/caster sugar
  • Water
  • 2 x tbsps amaretto
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Creme fraiche to serve

How to cook

Turn the grill onto full heat.

Stone and cut the peaches into halves. Place on a baking tray, inside facing up, and sprinkle with brown sugar. Put the tray under the grill and leave them until the sugar caramelises – you might have to turn the tray around halfway through to make sure they grill evenly.

Keep an eye on the peaches while they are grilling and start to make the amaretto caramel. Add the white sugar to the frying pan and a little bit of water so that it soaks up into the sugar and it becomes a gloopy saturated mixture. Turn the hob on to a medium-high heat and after a while it will begin to bubble and turn brown. At this point add the amaretto. The mixture will become sticky (and begin to look a lot like caramel). Turn the heat down, but make sure you keep it on while you serve up – if it cools it will stick to the pan.

Once the peaches have caramelised, remove them from the grill – careful, they will be very, very hot!

To serve, scoop up two peach halves into a bowl. Top with some walnut pieces, pour over some of the amaretto caramel and add a huge dollop of creme fraiche.


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