St Austell Brewery, St Austell – review

Catching up with friends in Cornwall over the May bank holiday weekend seemed like the perfect idea – and it was – despite the fact that it rained pretty much the whole time. But who cares about the rain when you’re on a tour of St Austell’s famous brewery?

The tour started with a look back at the brewery’s legacy, followed by a step-by-step guide through the processes that make St Austell ales, from grain to cask. Then we took to the bar to sample the brewery’s creations! I’m no beer conossieur, so it was really interesting to try the difference between casked and kegged and bottled. We were able to try every beer (and there were quite a few!) served in small tasting glasses, and then we used a token to exchange for a pint or bottle of our favourite one.

I really loved Big Job – dry, hoppy and fruity! It’s also 7.2%, so not for lightweights.

The Brewery bar had a really lovely looking menu, but as we were already booked to go for dinner in the evening we decided to opt for a snack – real Cornish pasties. Biting in to thick shortcrust pastry, dipped in brown sauce, with a swig of Big Job on the side. Pure Cornish heaven!

My eat of the week

  • St Austell’s Brewery Tour – £10
  • Pasty – £3.50

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