The Bistro, Ty Coch – review

If you know Swansea you’ll understand  my surprise when I was told we were going to a restaurant in Ty Coch for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with Ty Coch, but it’s just not an area I would normally associate with eating out! SA1? Yes. Mumbles? Yes. Uplands? Maybe. Gower? Definitely. But Ty Coch?

Ty Coch is a residential area for the most part, so if you’re lucky enough to live there you’ll have the added advantage and convenience of being able to wonder down to this little gem on Carnglas Road.

I became aware of The Bistro a few months back when my younger brother started working there, but I hadn’t had chance to try it out until he decided we go there for his birthday family meal.

The bar area is perfect for a cosy drink and catch up with friends and its tapas menu is great for casual dining over a pint or glass of wine. We had a more than 20 people with our group, so we ate at two large tables in the downstairs restaurant area.

Lovely little venue and simple but tasty tapas.

My eat of the week

  • Fresh bread with balsamic dip – £1.95
  • Large olives in marinade – £2.50
  • Prawns cooked in chilli and garlic – £4.95
  • Goats cheese and fig salad – £4.95
  • Pork meatballs in tomato and herb sauce – £4.50


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