Casa Sibilla, Brixton Market – review

At the weekend some friends and I ate at Casa Sibilla – Italian by food and name, and tapas by nature – in Brixton Market.

Never having been to Brixton Market before, it was a pleasant surprise to find a goldmine of delicious little cafes and eateries. It seemed to have every type of cuisine imaginable, from Japanese to “Champagne and Cheese”, and all were very casual dining/street-foodesque. I felt very cool just by being there. Every place was packed, so it really was a case of settling where you could find a seat – not really a hardship, as all the dishes I spotted being served looked incredible.

Miraculously, we managed to grab a table at Casa Sibilla. The menu recommends ordering two to three dishes per person (naturally, I ordered three) and we shared a good portion of the menu between six of us.

Clear favourites among the group were the pork cutlets, beef and pork croquettes and the rabbit terrine.

My eat of the week

  • Pork cutlet, Parma ham, fontina, potato cake – £6.90
  • Beef & pork croquettes, chilli jam – £4.90
  • Stuffed mushroom with sausage and truffle oil – £4.90
  • Rabbit terrine, tomato chutney, walnuts – £6.90
  • Lamb meatballs, harissa and yoghurt – £6.00
  • Tortilla scramble with chorizo and potato – £6.50
  • Sweet aubergine and pine nuts Caponata – £5.50
  • Dolce latte – £5.00
  • Bruschettine with tomatoes, oregano and garlic – £3.90
  • Rosemary and garlic baby potatoes – £4.50

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